Brookside storage was started in 2001 opening the following year, with pitches from 19'6" up to 30ft all with a hardcore surface.  The Site is designed for leisure vehicles and will accommodate:-


  •      caravans
  •      motorhomes (campers)
  •      trailer tents
  •      boats and trailers

This site was originally a grassy field some 6 ft or so lower than the land is now, much time and expense transformed it into the yard you see today.


The yard has a permanently locked large entry gate and natural boundaries to three sides with the brook, railway line and hawthorne hedging and there is palisade fencing to three sides.


From September 2001 until January 2015 we had always been a CaSSOA Gold yard - see page 10.


The site operates 7 day opening, although not 24 hours - this was deemed unnecessary and indeed advised against by Police Crime Prevention.


A log is kept of visitors to site and therefore prior notification and full co-operation with visiting is required. This allows for easier identification of visitors on a day to day basis and to schedule yard maintenance.  It is only the initial welcome meeting where an accompanied appointment is required, after this you gain access with your own key and proximity card, therefore you are in total control of when you want to visit, how long you wish to stay for and what jobs you do when you are there.


Much trust is placed in the keyholders to comply with a small number of requests to maintain the smooth running of the facility and continue its good reputation, these requests are to ensure the safety of everyone's units, please see terms.


The site is just north of Chesterfield, between Brimington, Whittington, Staveley and Eckington and approximately 10 minutes from both the town centre and the M1 motorway.


The interest in storage of units away from the home has become increasingly popular over the years, for many reasons.  Some new build houses will not allow them to be kept at home as they are considered a 'blot on the landscape', they take up most of the drive way, block windows, obstruct neighbours and are the equivalent of putting up a sign when you go away that your home is left unattended.


We strive to continually offer the best service we can and pride ourselves on retaining an extremely high percentage of our customers at renewal time.  We are extemely pleased that over 50% of our customers have been with over 5 years and still have some who have been in storage since we opened in 2002.

Our entrance






The secure yard has a wide driveway off of the main road to the large 12ft wide entrance gate.

From above

An aerial view of Brookside Caravan Storage