Frequently asked questions

Can I leave a vehicle behind when my motorhome is away?

Yes, normally the car is left behind, if this is to be a commercial vehicle please ask at the time. 


Some questions regarding new ENQUIRES


I try to ensure the security of units in my care from theft and I am pleased to say that to date I have not had one stolen.  

After hearing of scams over the years it has become necessary to take certain precautions with new enquirers......


1)   Can I bring my caravan/motorhome today ?

No, bookings are taken in advance only.  Why ?


A stolen unit needs to be hidden immediately away from the Police etc….  Where better than a storage facility.


2)   I don't have ID ?

A space cannot be offered to anyone who cannot produce 3 items of ID with corresponding addresses :- driving licence, utility bill/bank statement and independent unit insurance. 


3)   I only want storage for 1 or 2 weeks ?

At certain times and on some spaces a 6 month terms maybe offered but no lesser period. Why ?

A criminal may require only a short period, this costs very little, they then gain legitimate access to choose and leave with an expensive unit - there wasn't actually a 'break in' therefore this may not be immediately detected. 


4)   I can’t bring my unit to the meeting ?

The whole idea of the welcome meeting is to ensure the space is to be occupied by the unit that is booked in.  The first parking will be supervised, paperwork will be completed, payment taken and the key/card will be issued. Key/card will not be issued without the unit being present. A criminal may book etc just to be given a key/card to then enter and choose what they like the look of. 


Criminals are very convincing and may not be obvious to the unsuspecting genuine person…… 

      an example ....

Criminal waits at gate with old caravan until someone arrives to go in or exit.  They explain about forgetting their keys, having no where to put the van, etc ......... Help!  

So genuine person lets them in :-( They then DUMP the old van and choose a nice new expensive one-usually a larger, newer more expensive one, maybe a twin axle. They wait again for someone to come offering another sob story eg they've managed to lose their keys with all the unpacking of gear etc................ Genuine person falling for it lets them out :-(  :-(     It really is that easy !!