This is a trying time for us all and we hope everyone takes care and keeps safe.

How long restrictions will apply for remains to be seen and is very much dependant on how people behave. Cases must be reduced and the Government are doing their best to try to keep us safe but very sadly it is a disastrous time for so many struggling businesses.

There are a minority who think the restrcitions don't apply to them and sadly with this attitude the whole thing will be much more drawn out and worse for everyone.

* Stay home * Save lives * Protect the NHS *


April 2021

Another 'lockdown' has been lifted again ..........

Will this be the last one ??  That depends again on how people perform, how diligent they are and what precautions they take ............  only time will tell.........

The yard as remained open as there are no buildings requiring restrictions.  People may visit their own units to suit themselves as always providing the usual notice for visiting.


Dec 2020


As we are in lockdown again the yard is Closed for taking on new customers to comply with the Government guidelines as we are a non essential business.

Existing storers may continue to visit if they see fit to do so as social distancing is easy to comply with in an open air parking area and I do not feel it is appropriate to deny customers the right to visit their own property.

The existing requirements of 24 hours prior notice is still required and the hours remain 0900-1700.



March 2020

To enlighten existing customers as to our stance on CoVid 19 an email has been sent.

Please feel read to this here if you have not received it.


Emailed on Tuesday 24th March 2020


Hello to all Storers,


This is a general email to everyone in light of recent global events.


Hope you and your families are still well during the worldwide crisis that we find ourselves currently in. 


Times are challenging as the Government attempts to minimise the spread of CoVid 19 across the nation to ensure people’s continued safety.


As Storage is far from a close contact business there are no limits on visiting/entry/exit. These will ultimately be determined by the travelling rules as they change and are at individuals own discretion.  The current access and the hours will extend from 1st April as usual in line with Spring/Summers imminent longer light nights to 0700-2100 hrs. I suggest that gloves and/or antibacterial spray is used on surfaces, padlocks etc. as a precaution and keep a good distances from any other visitors you may meet.


I won't lockdown the yard unless I am actually ordered to by the Police etc as I don't think it is right to physically deny people access to their own property. 

I am leaving it to individuals to decide whether they wish/need to visit in view of the 'non essential travel' rule now being in place.


This year is going to be challenging due to life as we know it changing daily as further precautions are requested by the Government, social distancing, no none essential travel and the closure of so many businesses. The quicker the spread of CoVid 19 is curtailed the sooner this life threatening disaster will fade away and life can return to normal but this is likely to be many months if not longer.........


I can still be contacted via text, email or phone as normal although I am restricting my visits to an absolute minimum inline with travelling recommendations advised by the Government.


May I also take this opportunity to remind some of you who have forgotten that the security precautions expected of you whilst using this facility remain as always, as follows:-

1).  24hrs/1days notice is still required for ANY AND ALL yard vists/exits/returns !! (Emergencies accepted). Free for all coming and going is not and never been allowed.

2).  The gate is to be immediately FULLY locked behind you unless there is a person after you then to maintain security for all it may be closed on the electronics.They are to use their own card to gain entry and lock the padlocks behind them (as per meeting/booklet instructions) Absolutely NO tailgating. Please remember the CCTV captures you too and spot checks do catch people out disobeying. 

3).  Park accurately. Just behind your front line (all of the unit!) and centrally within the side lines. 


Thank you for your continued co-operation. 


Take care and stay safe.


Kind regards


07905 666627