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I have always been fascinated by these fabulous nocturnal animals.  They are just one of our beautiful wild animals which are suffering a massive decline in numbers and need our help to ensure they do not eventually become extinct, a hedgerow without a hedgehog is unthinkable.

Some of the things people do without thinking but just a few changes will be a massive help:-

  • Holes in the bottoms of fencing 'Hedgehog Highways' to enable them to continue their usual routes even after hedging is removed and fencing installed.  Some fencing manufacturers are introducing them to all their panels which is brilliant !!
  • Lift up netting from tennis courts, football goals etc
  • Move bonfire piles to a new site before lighting as a mass of garden debris is a fabulous bedroom for a hedgehog to scuffle into for a snooze or make a nest and have babies.
  • have a small area in a distant corner with a compost type pile left undisturbed or a log pile for them to forage, these are great places for hedgehog to forage bugs which hedgehogs love. 
  • Avoid using pesticides as they can poison hedgehogs.
  • To entice hedgehogs, at night put out meat (NOT fish) based cat food, wet or dry and water. NOT milk as they are lactose intolerant and this can kill them. you can also purchase proper hedgehog food if you are really enthusiastic about encouraging them.But beware that the neighbouring moggies are not pinching this extra food.
  • If you are really interested in your nighttime visitors you can catch them by putting a small battery powered camera to view which visitors you get. You can get some for about `£50 on eBay, sometimes less 3.
  • pick up litter, such as elastic bands, tin cans, plastic rings off beer cans etc as any small animal can get stuck within them but particularly hedgehogs with the direction of their spines - they cannot do reverse!!


Hedgehog awareness week


May 2022    tba