I would like to book a pitch .......

Please telephone or email me with your unit details if you wish to confirm the price, the main thing being the overall 'shipping' length.  

To include drawbar/'A' frame of the caravan.

Towbar, scooter rack etc on a motorhome.

Outboard engine if it is a boat on a trailer.

If you are unsure, please measure the unit.


The correct and accurate shipping length is crucial !!!

In the past units have arrived that were larger than the space booked, in some cases these were sent away as a larger space to accommodate was unavailable at that time:-((


To help ascertain the correct space size, a metre to feet/inches conversion

2.3m=7'6".          2.5m=8'

5m=16'4"          5.5m=18'1"          6m=19'7"

6.5m=21'3"       7m=23'                 7.5m=24'6"

8m=26'2"          8.5m=27'10"         9m=29’6”

inbetween         100mm=4"            200m=8"           300mm=12"


The bigger pitches are the most popular and fill up first.


Once availability is confirmed a mutually convenient date and time needs to be arranged for the 'Welcome Meeting'.



This is a specific appointment for you !

I do not have an office there which is manned 9-5 daily. 

Please be prompt as there may be someone after you ! 

Bookings for these are:-

Monday to Thursday ONLY

1030am - 4pm from April -September

1130am-3pm from October - March


NO appoinments Saturday or Sunday or evenings!


After being let into the yard through the only gate (always fully locked!) you park up your unit in its designated numbered space - this requires 'reversing'.

Alternatively if you have a 'mover' and a charged battery then these are significantly more accurate.

Only the smallest of caravans are light enough/suitable to manhandle/push into position, even then some of these can still be awkward, it is a hardcore surface which is mostly level but uneven and as such the jockey wheel has a tendency to get stuck in the ground preventing easy and controlled pushing and pulling.


Once you are parked up, you will be left for a while to fit any security devices, to put down your legs, close blinds or curtains etc....
When you are ready all the details will be gone through, you will pay for your space, your information pack, key and card given out and you will be shown the entry and exit routine at the gate.


After this 'Welcome Meeting' you are free to come and go within the access times, with no limit on number of visits, how long you can stay, or what work you undertake as long as you give the minimum 24 HOUR/1 DAYS notice by phone, text or email.

What will be expected of you !

As a storage yard the aim is to keep units safe and hopefully eliminate their theft from the yard.

As such certain precautions are taken to protect existing storers:- eg

NO short term periods:- this would give immediate access to many expensive units with a key/card for very little customer commitment.

NO immediate appointments on the day of enquiry:- a unit which has been stolen requires hiding quickly.....


STRICT entry procedures are in place which you will adhere to:-


1   ALWAYS notify a minimum of 24HR/1day in advance of any intended entry into the yard for anything:-

5 minutes to collect a forgotten item

2 hours to do work, clean or fill up for a holiday

taking out of or returning to your space


2   ALWAYS shut gate IMMEDIATELY upon entering!! If there is no one else then LOCK BOTH padlocks immediately BEFORE you go to your space.


If there is someone else there, you may leave the padlocks for them to lock after entering using their own card. NO TAILGATING !!



Criminals are very plausible and convincing DO NOT take any chances and put others units in any risk !!


DO NOT tailgate anyone

DO NOT allow anyone in with you

ALWAYS use your own access card



3   PARK your unit accurately within your spaces lines.  AWAYS check before you leave it ! It should be just behind the front line and mid way between the side lines.  DO NOT go too far back if your have a banking behind.  You should hopefully be able to squeeze into the unit whilst in situe through the partially open door (no guarantee of being able to fully open the door!) to check on your unit without having to pull it out - please take care not to touch your neighbour.


4   Leave a timed movement slip (provided) when the unit goes in or out (not when just visiting), any note will do if you forget your slips.


People have been and will be asked to leave if they do not take these requirements seriously and do not comply.