Terms & Conditions

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Security of the site is our first concern, the rules are to make is secure, your co-operation will keep it secure.

The objectives of the CCTV is to guard against the theft of your caravan/motorhome/boat from the yard area through the main gate (to date this has not been an issue.)  Deterrents are in place to obstruct and attempt to stop intruders into the yard although malicious vandalism and theft by intruders is impossible to guarantee.



  1. All units must be fully insured for third party liability, please forward a copy of your renewal.
  2. Site Owners accept no responsibility for any damage whatsoever incurred by any event whatsoever whilst parked. Details of neighbours may be passed on for discussion.
  3. All units should be checked on a regular basis, therefore a visit at least once a month is recommended to check it status.
  4. All units are to be parked correctly, please do not obstruct you neighbour’s access. There are a number of white lines indicating your pitch boundary. Your unit should be parked just beyond the front line and centrally between the ones down the side.  Poor parking has a detrimental effect along the whole row.  If you are not competent at manoeuvring -courses are available or you ought to have someone with you to help.
  5. Entry into units via the personnel door should be possible with care whilst in situ. This is not guaranteed however as it is dependant on the accurate parking of neighbours. It is very unlikely the door will open fully to enable using the door retainer clip other than in some larger more expensive spaces.  This is a storage yard after all and as with most parking spaces room is restricted. For loading it is best to pull forward into the roadway. Caravan movers on units make for this being much easier. 
  6. Access is by use of a key, which is securely coded and cannot be cut, plus an electronic card, this is fully programmable and can be deleted from the system in the event of theft, loss or non payment etc....
  7. Access is allowed 365 days a year.  For security and maintenance reasons we must insist on being notified at least 1 day/24 hours prior to you requiring access to the site.  (If your plans change and you do not come, this is not a problem). This is a mandatory requirement and is NOT optional and never has been.
  8. ’Free for all’ visiting is not allowed. Monitoring, keeping records, scheduling work for instance white line painting and hedge cutting is impossible if you are not prepared to co-operate. Emergencies excepted-forgot medication, food in fridge, wallet, glasses etc…. But persistent late notification will not be tolerated.
  9. Mobile service vehicles, eg for servicing, tyres, breakdown are the accepted unknown visitors, but you must remain with them at all times whilst they are in the yard.
  10. Telephone call or texts during normal office hours only please ie. 0800-1800 hrs in winter, 0700-2100 in summer (this is 70-105 hours per week !!)  |Therefore NOT 2300, 0100 hrs etc....  I am not available 24 hrs a day! Texts, telephone, voicemail messages and email are all quite acceptable to notify your intentions prior to entry.
  11. Movement cards IN/OUT as issued are to be left confirming your pitch is occupied/empty as per your prior instruction.  These are a very important part of the security procedure, please ensure they are used or the notepad provided, date and times are filled in.
  12. Access is allowed - 1st April to 31st October 0700-2100 hrs, 1st November to 31st March 0900-1700 hrs.  The electronic access control system automatically locks the gates.  NB This cannot be over-ridden, you cannot get in early.  As long as your entry is prior to the closing time - you will be able to exit after this time and will NOT get locked in. ie 1700 hrs in winter and 2100 hrs in summer.
  13. The padlocking of the main gate is entirely the responsibility of each key holder, please ensure the gate is securely padlocked both when you enter and exit the site - immediately behind you!!  DO NOT leave it open for any reason and go to your pitch without locking it. There are two padlocks, one on the gate and one on a hanging chain - secure them BOTH fully! The electronic lock is automatic when the gate is closed and held a second.  Do NOT throw the padlocks on the floor, they are a very expensive item.
  14. To ensure the security of the site do not allow anyone either in or out with you.  If they have authority to be there, they also have a key and a functioning access card.  Do not ‘tailgate’ the person in front of you. If a queue builds, latch the gate without locking up the padlocks, the next person must always use their own card to enter or exit, they should lock the padlocks behind them. 
  15. If a key or access card is lost/stolen/damaged/stops working a charge of £30 each is payable to gain a replacement.  It is important that the key and card are kept separately and their location not advertised on them, for security I do not supply a ‘Brookside Storage’ key ring!!!  Keep the access card away from magnetic equipment and mobile phones so as not to interfere with its programming.
  16. The site office (shipping container) is not manned and a daily basis.
  17. Children must be kept with you and supervised fully at all times.  The yard is not a playground and ball games and cycling are not allowed.  The natural bramble boundaries and security precautions are hazardous.  There is sometimes working machinery and vehicles are frequently manoeuvring around the yard. 
  18. It is essential that we are notified of any changes immediately, ie. Change of towing vehicle, address, telephone, caravan etc....
  19. The site has its own post box (green box on right of gate as you enter), mail items to the above address or hand post it whilst you are there.
  20. When you insurance is renewed please forward a copy immediately.
  21. It is essential that I am contacted prior to you contemplating changing your unit. Some spaces are caravan only, some motorhome only, many 7'6" width only, some single axle only and ALL have a maximum length they can accommodate. An alternate to your existing space may not be readily available to suit your new unit so PLEASE ensure you ask prior to upgrading or you may have to leave. No refunds will be payable for the balance of your term if this scenario occurs. 
  22. In the event you no longer wish to retain your pitch, one months notice is required in writing to the yard address or by email, proof of sending is not proof of receipt. To qualify for your deposit refund the key/card must be placed in the mail box at the yard (NOT posted) within your months notice or by the end or your term ie. 30th September and must be in full working order and a clean condition. Keys/cards received after this period, in a dirty condition or not functioning properly will not be subject to a refund.  Any deductions may be taken from the deposit and the balance forwarded by cheque within 30 days to the address on file.
  23. We reserve the right to give you immediate notice to vacate your pitch and return your key/access card without reason at anytime and is non-negotiable.
  24. We operate a NO REFUND policy.  Refunds will NOT be given at any point, for any reason, on any period of storage already paid for, ie. You change your mind, you sell you unit, you move away, you are ill etc.  Please do not ask, as we do not wish to offend by refusing.
  25. In the event that you encounter a problem entering or exiting, this is usually easily resolved with a telephone call, eg. You’re experiencing difficulty with your key or card, immediate replacement is a possibility).  The key in particular can appear ‘notchy’ if you are not familiar with high security padlocks as per the original demonstration (there is a helpful note attached to the gate as a reminder if you have forgotten and also in your brochure).  If you do require manual assistance, with reluctance I will if available do a call out, at a charge of £75. A trip for user error - losing temper, rushing, forcing it is not FOC and also very embarrassing for you. I have to be available during the opening hours for 365 days a year so please be prepared for anything between a 30 minute and 3 hours response, approximately but this is not guaranteed, I will endeavour to accommodate you at the earliest convenience. No recompense whatsoever will be offered for delays in access resulting in delayed/cancelled travel expenses.
  26. All gas bottles should ideally be removed where possible from your unit and no other noxious, dangerous, hazardous or explosive goods are permitted.
  27. By entering into this agreement the Plot (key) holder warrants that he/she has both ownership and legal title to the stored goods.
  28. The Site Owner excludes all liability caused be vermin infestation.
  29. Dogs are allowed out of your vehicle within the yard, but please keep them on a lead and under control at all times and clean up after them.  Not everyone is ‘doggy friendly’ !!
  30. Please remove all of your litter (including dog waste) when you leave, there is no refuse collection. I do not expect to have to clean up any of your litter or dog waste!!
  31. No trading is permitted from the site.
  32. I understand that my data is kept in this paper format and contact details on a phone only.  None of your details will knowingly be passed onto any other organisation for any purpose other than possibly your tel number onto your close neighbour and visa versa in the event of any onsite accidents which you may or may not be involved in for discussions.  After a full accounting year after vacation your paperwork will be stored for HMRC for the required time, being destroyed thereafter.  Your details will be immediately deleted from mobile phones after vacating.
  33. Units offered for sale whilst they are stored on site MUST be removed for any/all viewing’s/collection. Unauthorised strangers are not to be brought into the yard at any time under any circumstances as it may compromise security.
  34. In the event of you selling your unit, the title of the pitch does NOT automatically transfer to the new owners. The key/card are NOT to be passed on.  A new contract must be taken up by them and signed first and they are to be met in the same fashion as you were originally.
  35. A renewal reminder will be available on the webpage early August with a reply slip for return before 31st August giving one months notice to vacate or completion and returned with payment by 30th September.   All renewals must be paid for in full prior to 1st October.  
  36. In the interests of security we request that all valuables are removed whilst your unit is left in storage and that you have adequate security to protect your unit and keep it secure, high security door locks, alarm, wheel clamp, hitchlock, tracker, cover etc …..  Signs are around the yard indicating no valuables are left in units.
  37. Pitches may be occupied by an alternate vehicle eg your car in the case of a motorhome, when the unit is absent.  Prior agreement must be obtained if a commercial vehicle.
  38. Any units on site whose pitch becomes overdue for payment will have their access card blocked.  A charge of £25 will be payable for re-instatement in addition to the required annual storage fee or a 10% handling charge if not yet vacated.  Once payment has cleared then the card will be unblocked.  In the event of  non payment by 14th October a Legal Lien wil be attached to the unit, and will remain in force until the arrears are settled in full or the Lien is otherwise discharged.  In the event of a negative response to notification of the Lien, legal action will be taken to sell the unit via The Torts Interterence with Goods Act 1977.  The outstanding arrears will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale less any costs.  Any remaining balance will be retained to await collection.  The Site Owner warrants to seek to obtain the best price available on current market values.
  39. We reserve the right to amend/delete/add any aspect of these terms if deemed necessary at any time.