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Instructions for   OC T O B E R    2 0 2 1   renewals



This is the brochure all new customers are provided with to ensure they understand procedures and what is expected of them to ensure that the security and smooth running of this facility remains constantly safe and secure in the years to come as it has for the past 20+ years


Originally it was just ONE sheet but years of people not respecting the few rules takiing advantage and blatantly ignoring them has required its growth to numerous pages and explanations!


A complete updates was some years ago sent to existig but long standing customers with any updates included at renewal, so everyone the current details.


It is extremely important that all customers co-operate and comply so please read the updates provided and ensure you are fully aware of what you are supposed to be doing. 


If you are in any doubt whatsoever or unsure what you should be doing - notice/entry/parking etc then PLEASE, PLEASE ASK!

It is that time of year is here again.  Doesn't it come around quickly ?


Sadly as previously mentioned I have had to revert to the costly and time consuming method of posting out all the paperwork for renewal :-( emailing proved a disaster for numerous reasons - 'technology' ...... 


In view of this an envelope will be in amongst your post at home by the end of July/early August. This allows you time to consider your intentions and to acknowledge well within the deadlines.


If you are staying:-


During AUGUST, before 31st, please send me an email or text to confirm this. 

The renewal paperwork then to be sent, to be received before the end of Sept:-

  1. Form - both sides completed - signing is on the second/reverse page
  2. Insurance - I need only the pages with name, dates, make and model - not the fully itinerary (if you haven't recently provided this)
  3. Cheque - or call to arrange either a meeting to pay cash or for Bank details to do a BACS


Before 30th August text or email

me to tell me you are staying


return a completed vacating form.


Please pop in yard mailbox, post, screenshot or email it to me. TEXTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.  If I have not collected this from the mailbox before 1700 hours on Wednesday 1st September it is LATE and a months fees will be deducted from your key/card deposit.





Wishing to renew - please complete and return with payment and insurance before 30th September
Renewal form 1st Oct 2021to2022.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [173.8 KB]
Wishing to vacate - Please return this completed form before 31st August
I wish to vacate my pitch .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [89.4 KB]


I wish to thank you for your valued custom to date.



If you require more slips you can print the here
Movement slip OUT BLUE.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [28.9 KB]
If you require more slips you can print the here
Movement slip in RED.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [29.5 KB]