S P A C E S    V A C A N T




 THREE.    upto a 19'6" max caravan/motorhome

@ £389 pa (A27, CE14,15, BR50)


ONE.    upto a 21'6" max single axle caravan only

@ £414 pa (BR07)


ONE.       upto 27' max premium motorhome only

@  £566 pa (CE24)(end of row, one neighbour)


Others may become vacant from

now onwards, keep checking here for any changes.



All bookings will require 

a £75+ holding deposit


This is due to timewasters in the past

not turning up to meetings :-(


Payable by BACS

(Sorry, card payments are not available) 

This will be deducted from the balance. 

Fees are chargeable from the day of the booking not arrival.

It is non-refundable if you change your mind/cancel. 


I DO NOT take numbers or keep a waiting list !!


NB 8ft availability is not possible in most of the spaces as

hey are only approx 9ft wide. These can only go into the

limited number of 'Premium Spaces' around the yard. 

Annual renewals are 1st October 

                                                                                                   Apr 2022