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1 ADVERTISING - current


Whilst searching the internet I came across more than one club which includes us in their database.

Some information contained within the third party adverts for our business is factually incorrect and very misleading to potential customers. They have been contacted but have not responded to our queries nor removed our details.

At this yard we have never offered, servicing, repairs, gas sales, tyre fitting etc.... It is purely secure parking.  

We did own and run Towbars on Trailers on Storforth Lane for over 25 years but sold this and retired in 2006, these services were offered there which is where the confusion may have arisen.  


The only advertising which we actually instruct is the following:-

1. This, our own web page

2. The original Yellow pages book in the alphabetical section




2. CaSSOA 2015


This stands for The Caravan Storage Site Owners Association, and was originally set up by Ted Young as a non profit organisation being run to help Storage Site Owners and bring them together under a credible logo. 

It offered accreditation to give piece of mind to customers looking for a storage yard and was primarily interested in security features. 

We joined the Association in 2001 and attained a Gold Award this we continued to hold until January 2015.

Over the last few years there have been some changes, many of which have recently caused a large number of very disgruntled members to withdraw from the association.

In 2013 a substantial advertising campaign was undertaken by CaSSOA, us as a member were automatically included, no option was offered - it is happening and you will pay for the privilege, like to or not and need it or not.... 

The fees for this were unfairly proportioned, the smaller sites such as ours were very much discriminated against and paid significantly more on a pitch basis than the much larger yards who could more easily afford the increase.  

Now CaSSOA have finally introduced re examining of yards to determine which award is applicable, however this is no longer based on security alone and heavily promotes other facilities, such as availability of mains, washing etc..... as such we will probably no longer retain our Gold Award despite the yard security being more substantial than when originally assessed and presented with it 14 years ago.  

We had in all that time never been re-visited to check our facility.  The fees for these new accreditations were again going to be excessive, our tiny yard would take only a few minutes to walk around.

CaSSOA is no longer an Non profit organisation and is in fact very heavily linked to the Insurance Companies who emphasise that yards with CaSSOA awards are to be used by caravan owners, credibility gone by the by, a bit of a fix, a rip off, catch 22 situation, call it what you like but we will no longer line their pockets !!

In light of these factors we are no longer CaSSOA members.

  Our security remains unchanged and our standards will not drop as a result of this, we will continue to renew and upgrade as we have done in the past.   

Indeed all of this may or may not be of interest to you and may or may not affect the insurance you have in place.  Many of our existing clients have commented that this has made no difference to their cover, nor have their premiums increased as a result of this change.


We understand discussions are ongoing regarding the setting up of a totally new organisation for caravan storage and will be extremely interested in this.........


In view of this the storage fees for renewals due at 1st October 2015 will remain the same as 2014, offering a saving to you.